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Four SBGE Graduating Students

的 Business Administration major in the School of Business, 政府, and 经济学 at SPU allows you to develop essential business skills in a uniquely Christian environment that emphasizes values, 道德, and an understanding of business as a means to serve.

赌博十大靠谱软件 the Business Administration Major

的 Business Administration major provides you with a broad-based education in the fundamental theories, 原则, and practices of modern business. You will learn standards of professional and ethical behavior, along with the technical expertise and leadership attributes necessary to attain a variety of positions in business.

As part of the Business Administration major, students also gain vital industry experience by participating in our SBGEInternships计划. Our students have held Internships at leading local businesses and companies such as Starbucks, 波音公司, 微软, 西雅图水手队, 和美林证券.


Business Administration students are required to take a total of 98 credits, including a business core of 83 credits focused on the fundamental theories and practices of modern business plus 15 credits towards one of nine concentrations that 集中 on a particular aspect of business.


Business Administration students choose one of the following concentrations. Students may select multiple concentrations.

  • An 经济学的浓度 会帮助你做好准备 for a career in analyzing public policy or forecasting economic conditions.
  • 财务集中 教给你 how to develop budgets for capital projects or work in the financial markets.
  • 的 Information Systems concentration 包括 problem solving and programming, 计算机网络, and information and database systems — critical information in this age of technology.
  • 与一个 International 业务集中, you participate in a study abroad program with SPU faculty and take specialized courses at a foreign university.
  • 的 管理浓度 教给你 how to manage structures, systems, and people.
  • 市场集中 准备你 to step into the world of customer service, advertising, sales, or product 管理.
  • 的 公共政策 & 业务集中 集中 on coursework in Political Science and 经济学 to help prepare you to work at the intersection of commerce and government.  
  • 的 Social Enterprise concentration 利用 the unique strengths of the School of Business, 政府, and 经济学 in areas such as social venture, 管理, 和小额信贷.
  • 一般的浓度 也是可用的, allowing students the flexibility to choose their own senior electives.



  • 业务主管
  • 企业主
  • 企业家
  • 金融顾问
  • 市场研究分析师


  • 广告公司
  • 公司
  • 国际公司
  • 政府机构
  • 非营利组织
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Business Administration Graduate Profile – Class of 2020

平均起薪: $50,750

就业 & 研究生院费率: 80% (6 mo.)


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All Business Administration majors gain industry experience through Internships, and will take a pre-internship class to help them find and apply for a qualified internship. SPU students have held Internships at leading local businesses and industries such as Starbucks, 波音公司, 微软, 西雅图水手队, 和美林证券.

In addition to the required internship for Business Administration majors, students may elect to gain even more real-world experience through additional jobs and Internships. SPU的 就业中心 and 调用 提供在线 Internships资源. Students and employers also use SPU的 internship and job posting system, 握手,每周更新.



Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies; Assistant Professor of Business Law
JD, University of Michigan Law School

电话: 206-281-2906
办公室: 麦肯纳大厅207

SBGE alumna working at Amazon


Praew Hemrathiran '16 shares about how her Business Administration degree prepared her to put people first on the Alexa Experiences & 亚马逊设备团队.